Bask In The Dancing Light

by Closedown

I. ERASE ME 03:40
We were born in broken homes to broken people (Feeling out your way) Carry in name and pass it along (Wash hands, the cracks are overgrown) Forever surrounded, but forever alone (Left out your shape just never formed) Pushed out, pushed in line, pushed to the ground We were comforted by the thought of not existing, of not feeling at all, of being erased. If being never’s forever, then we should turn out the lights. Erase Me! We sit, we wait, we feed the snake We spit, we kneel, we start to fade I never wanted to see the sun rise I never asked for the rising tide I never meant to be anything at all Erase Me!
Smoke stack seas drift effortlessly into the lungs of every man and beast. Strike a match on the corpses of trees, won’t you please make it stop? Plastic parasites trap life in its teeth, waters are poisoned by corporate greed, and here we are, waiting for complacency. I sit with you, at the end of the world, smitten, sipping beer from an aluminum can, watching the monuments burn. I lean over and wipe the ash from your forehead, “we did our part, this isn’t our fault, how could it be?” I am full of shit, a coward who thought memes made a difference, barely lifting a finger as if to hold up the world, while others perished paycheck to paycheck. Smiles fade with the day, smitten turns to guilt ridden, was it really enough? Could a cog kill the machine? I shake with the earth. My heart, My head, My hands are trembling I’ve never felt more alive than here lying with you I’ve never felt more alive than here dying with you
I came to cough up The dirty things you made me swallow Wash it down, medicine man! Can you keep a secret? I had no choice Cornered me in the back room, silenced me Hold it down, I think I can! I think I think I can Thirty years in a downspout Watch it flooding now Can’t hold on any longer Foaming at the mouth Watch it drown, never again! Shame on you, blame myself Play it back again Shame on you, blame myself Pain is back again Never say sorry Not like you meant to waste your best days Sifting through the gutter of discarded memories Searching for a reason you’re so fucked up You’re so fucked up! Wash it down, Watch it drown Never ever ever again This time I’m letting go! This time I’m in control! Wash it down, Watch it drown Never ever ever again Shame on you, blame myself Letting go of this pain Pain.
Settle in a bed of fire, watch the world perspire Let me feel the warmth you lack for once Let me feel warm I’ll watch it burn, smother me out, set it on fire Watch it all go up in smoke, my whole life, a longing joke You stoked the harm, you watched me bleed, a boy in need You unheeding, left me pleading I’ll watch it burn, smother me out, set it on fire Sleep tight, hands swing Better ties envelope me Light sways over me Warm my heart and pull my strings Leave me, won't you? Will healing conscience fail? Healing light will dance around you Me, I'm not wading through blurred sight End the same way I entered the world, blind I flicker, I flicker (come on, come on) Light me up (come on, come on) Sweat it out (come on, come on) Swelter, Let it burn! I felt it’s grasp, gasp, blistering Gave way, I collapse from the weight Let it carry me or bury me Match me, make me feel it again Suffer for the sake of sowing Sunbath sin, bask in the dancing light Match me, make me feel it again We’ll shed ourselves of this world Blur Dance with me Feel the heat (come on, come on)


All Songs Written and Performed by: Closedown
Drums Performed by: Brett Kuharik
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ryan Crawford

Cover Art By: Brian Morgante, Flesh and Bone Design


released June 12, 2020


all rights reserved



Middle-Man Records Indiana

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