Demo 2017

by Hundreds of AU

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Tom - Guitar/Vocals
Terry - Bass/Vocals
Zach - Drums/Vocals

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released January 31, 2017



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Track Name: Hundreds of AU - Runneth Full
which side does your conscience tell you who has the right to exist here despite the profit and potential. have we lost sight of limited resources and convinced ourselves that the cup never empties outs?
Track Name: Hundreds of AU - Past Due
once upon time they always thought it would last. the choking of the day's sky, the dust that's left when they're gone. times up, now hold this over
your head. depleted land, depleted sky,quick work of a place that thrived.
Track Name: Hundreds of AU - Out in the Streets
the option to just sit back and witness how this plays out with apathetic constructs that stop before you can start to oppose. we don't all have
the luxury to sleep this one out.
Track Name: Hundreds of AU - Part of the Club
so i ask him what do you get from this dense action?
he has no answer to our surprise. consider damage done. escapes his thoughts. he's sinking slowly, lungs fill with time. feet don't feel the bottom, it's so hard to find.
Track Name: Hundreds of AU - Post Truth Days
emotion, prefered widely over facts. post truth days, function on this point of view. ready made to incite, pass it on. take it on as the word as the will,
pass it on.