Locktender​,​Coma Regalia, Oaken, Wounded Knee split 12"

by Middle-Man Records



released November 7, 2012



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Track Name: Locktender - The White Dam
Skies are wrought with storms of soot, and sweat, and pain; The wrath of industry. Look outwards…See them build. Footprints across the sky; crying foul poisoned tears. Rein nature to nurture. Onus Refuge.

…and that’s the way things go; build a world that thrives in bleak estates and common causes. We have learned to live in a house ransacked and hollow. A joy that can quickly turn the curse. The white walls we build today become our gray Bastille tomorrow. Nous comprenons la Nature en lui résistant. Resist it. Resist.

With coal as dark as night, we harness the power of the sun and use it to blacken out the sky.

To secure their wealth they fall in line with plundered lives, with fettered arms, and shackled legs and broken spines. As crimes bereft of standards gain, they’re not the worst that man has made.

We gorge on slavery; our greatest import.
Malignant pride soils what was built in modesty.

Lowering black clouds press down naked shoulders. Oceans crossed for this. Build, breed, break, seethe, this is what it feels like to dream, dream, dream.

Oh Say, can you see, can you see that there is no American Dream. We can do better than this.
Track Name: Wounded Knee - Bath Salts
We are just vessels rotting under the moon. The men inside have long been dead. Now our bodies lie motionless in the cold, waiting for the hint of a spark. Waiting for something to breathe life into these once colorful walls. So we may run through these streets like children. Like we are not afraid of what is around the corner. We are not afraid.
Track Name: Krokodil
Even when I sleep, I'm talking through my teeth. And when these lights come on, these girls can barely see. Although my head is raised, my eyes avert their gaze. Because I know what they don't. I know what they never will. I know how this will end. My back will be turned, and you'll be shaking like a child in the rain. My conscience will be clear, and you'll become nothing to me once again. I know what they don't.
Track Name: Wounded Knee - Sitting Bull
I awoke and held my breath. I thought that maybe if I didn't speak, you wouldn't wake and see my morning skin. In that light, my confident hands tremble and my arrogant eyes gaze low. Because you need perfection, and I need protection from myself and these distractions. Distance is golden. Distance is safe. Distance is everything.
Track Name: Coma Regalia as Gorgon Sans Seer - Won
come pick over the bones of those lost along these shores
sundials know the hours i've spent nursing my wounds
stained with blood and festering pus, these raiments cover my skin
how close i am to storming those gates
how close i came to tasting the edge of those swords

and we're taught to worship this loss
and to never chance losing it all
but what's left when this is all gone?
a plundered casque, the light inside snuffed out

the light of my homeland, i can see it now
so far removed from my brethren who died upon those hills
for one more night i'll stare out into the stars
come morning i leave with the venom of snakes and these visions of the end

and ho! we'll see you starve how we starve
we hunt you unto your beds
stealing into your homes and devouring your dreams
we'll carve our own callings from this frozen tomb
the thawing snow won't rinse away the guilt

we sing. for my love, my home, my honor and my pride. we sing.

i've taken back the land that they'd stolen off our backs
still i'm the last and i'm left here all alone
i've known conquest and i've watched their armies die
but i can't say what i have changed
because the worst is coming

sow the fields with the dead and pillars of salt
fill the rivers with our steel
because the worst is coming
no time for our tears now
the taste of rust and iron fills my mouth
because the worst is coming
and the only place we're still safe is our minds

so you can take the earth
you can take the sky
you can take the sea
but you can't take that away from me

but now it's done
and we've done enough
what's left?
what sacrifice can curb my thoughts of violence and lust?
who is to care when we've burned our way to the ends of the earth?
it won't bring them back
there's nothing left to avenge
and i'm alone with the songs we used to sing
truncated hymns
stories poorly relayed
it's all i have and you can't take it from me
Track Name: Oaken - Zugló
Wasted flee from a cancerous city. Grey concrete.
Eyes turn away from the fossils in the deep.
Under these feet lays a city downwards where we should have found homes.
Where past chants echo thousand lives soaked in drunken dreams.
Where days end with weary heads buried in shaking rough hands.
From now on I wait until I'll watch these streets burn with lawless rage.
Under the concrete there is cancer and all my forefather's skull.
I want to leave this place and see this house in flames.
The twenty square meter country. My home. My oxygen. It is yours as much as it is mine.
We are all renting our countries I'll lend you mine.
Each year more spent to maintain my so called 'tribe'.
Every moment spent with open eyes is a miracle.

[I daily swap my finite hours for dead time in advance and get paid by money I pass on to pay for the square meters inhabited in a concrete case, to pay its monthly bills and to pay tax not only to prove my existence but to establish my right to exist in this world at all. The mere thought that this is the way it is and that it already was way before me and my time - it bewilders me. ]