Los Pensamientos De una Cara Palida

by Massa Nera



released October 13, 2017


all rights reserved


Track Name: ¡Waltz! (La Guerra)
Having to pick between squeezing pins and needles or swallowing glass
Choosing a side based on repugnance
or fraudulence
It's safe to say I'd rather swallow glass

Glorifying a bigot, preaching hate, attempting to make a nation great again?
How could a man so senseless try to hold us together?
His immoral beliefs continue to validate his followers’ hate

Marching to fight
The ideals of the anti-Semitic
In hopes to dethrone
The brute with Hitler ideals

We march, in hopes to dethrone
Track Name: Badminton with a Neo-Nazi
Constantly reminding myself
that a mind so narrow views us interchangeably

A difference so minuscule,
but causes me to be the last picked

This time I’ve spent so far on earth
is a bitter repetition

The bricks you used to build the wall,
weren’t strong enough to keep me on the other side

I walk with my head down
And I feel your hate stabbing me
Wishing I were dead, blaming me,
Making false accusations to justify your meaningless life

Loathing, force-fed in our minds
Loving, acceptance, drifted away
Holding on to just one thing
The hope of a quick death
Track Name: One.Two.Zero.
I know that my inconsistencies are becoming much more apparent
Constantly telling you to fuck off
when in reality, the idea of pushing you away is too hard to comprehend

I refuse to waste time believing that I had a purpose

Embrace hate
Embrace death

Only the cowards fear death,
and only the naive believe in the afterlife

Realizing that being content is what I'll settle for,
happiness is short-lived,
while the idea of dying is giving me a clearer picture

My shortcomings have just become reminders
and my accomplishments are blurred
Minds that were once collective,
now feel aversion
Track Name: A History In Rust
Painting a picture sounds easier
than displaying certainty
Stories told by a fictitious anima,
deceiving an array of your clique

But who's deceiving whom?

Put on an old face, worn out from years of neglect
You think you've outgrown it,
but it slides on effortlessly
It's imbued with the trappings of your past,
your dishonorable history

This is a false flag operation
Track Name: Provisional Euphoria (j'ai une âme solitaire)
Weighed down, yet I'm floating
Drowning, choking on the oxygen

Leaden, restless
Always thinking, never speaking

Cuando podre sentir el sol de la primavera

Doubt is exponential
No sleep means I'm never awake

And anyway, life is ephemeral
A snap of the fingers

Anhedonic, melancholic
A shell, unbearably light
Always there, but never present,
I'm lost in the fog, trying to recreate your voice

My silhouette against the lamppost,
a beacon for lost souls stumbling in the dark
Track Name: Carrying A Coffin
The death of us all
It can’t be solved
Your followers digest
your final ounce of poison
and become blinded
by the naked truth

All the traits to ruin a population
It took centuries to change
Now xenophobia has strapped me to a chair
forcing itself down in my head
ruining the lives of the accustomed
forcing them out
creating another cycle
and ruining any hope
in the progressive movement

I'm trying to break the barrier
Between us all

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