Wading In Petulant States


A spectacle laid out for your approval. Do you find this language pleasing? Here in the pulpit, laid bare. The struggle is mine alone. Show fangs to you all here. Fall silent everywhere else.
All Is Fluid 00:59
This construction a barricade between us. Our own walled city. Within we breed distrust. All our fears made all too real. A drop of water by itself. Together we make a flood. Right now we are the ocean. We must become waves.
"Who laid eyes on this?" They are not yours to covet. And they who came for control? May they find here castration. These ideas and those who harbor them. Set those houses aflame. Watch them go up in smoke. Burn like all the rest.
The hungry and the tired. And those they would devour. With their engorged stomachs and privileged mentalities. This cog is turning. We spin the wheel with craven stares. This cog is turning and every second there's someone there. It's just so empty. All this effort for nothing. It's all so empty. How we suffer for a stipend. For twenty four more hours I existed.
Duly Noted 01:41
Presumptions crawl with the weight of your guilt. This modest currency empowers you. Emboldens you. Alleviates your conscience. Take pleasure in unwilling fornication and justification of a means to spread your seed. I'd see you disemboweled for your part in this. I'd see you disemboweled for so much less.



released July 7, 2017


all rights reserved



Middle-Man Records Indiana

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