from by Coma Regalia



close your eyes
lower your gaze
i'm gone

with the cross on my skin
upside down, and runes beside
you couldn't think to contain me for long

to place this hex on my soul
and immolate my body
it's not enough to keep me from you

when i'm through in this place
we'll tear the heavens down
these parlor tricks will be their undoing

left to bide time
commodity to be sold
will be the thing to leave this place alive

destroying all this
what i wouldn't do for the chance
another moment of your touch

in this cell
on the floor
i wait

with my hope
i wait

and my hope burns cold
in the heat of this place
i wait

there will be blood
run through these halls
and into this heart in my chest
and stop this aching that never ends


from En Sperata, released November 30, 2012



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