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En Sperata

by Coma Regalia

Envave 02:20
Meridias 01:01
taken to this place of dreams offered an exchange never let it be said there's an end to what i would have given draw the blade and honor the incantation my thoughts clear out my eyes close now my lungs, still shells my heart shuts down my life is forfeit, just take it away this inferno and the way that i've come to be here a blackness in my mind for the reason there is to risk it all a nagging sense of dread inside this place, permeated my life is forfeit, just take it away
Plasabac 01:44
clasped hands excise one another misled by those memories fixed in time time to forget all that's been said wading through the lies used to be simple but here among the princes i call upon my strength and i was never afraid to fail before all this this time it couldn't mean more choking drowning this cull it burns burning all i know subjugating this love couldn't heal have i found the bottom of this? am i poisoned by each breath that i draw? i know what brought me here convince me that it is enough
Teselonea 04:05
close your eyes lower your gaze i'm gone with the cross on my skin upside down, and runes beside you couldn't think to contain me for long to place this hex on my soul and immolate my body it's not enough to keep me from you when i'm through in this place we'll tear the heavens down these parlor tricks will be their undoing left to bide time commodity to be sold will be the thing to leave this place alive destroying all this what i wouldn't do for the chance another moment of your touch in this cell on the floor i wait armed with my hope i wait and my hope burns cold in the heat of this place i wait there will be blood run through these halls and into this heart in my chest and stop this aching that never ends
Yarneep 01:33
Scalabe 01:05
coming around to tick off the list of enthralled, shattered souls with euthanasia, you can't relish in the distinct bitter passing perched on their thrones the princes draw their power from you but have sat on their hands until their fists can't be clenched and can't outstretch a single finger to point here to collect their spoils in what kind of game were you a contestant? here comes your standing ovation you kill my lover, but kill my love for them never now you sit down sit right down call my name and give them nothing oh, see that look on their faces! just dying for the answers how the mighty have fallen now it's you that's cast in chains
Hauresh 00:59
walking away from this and trying to be sound it's harder than it seems in what i thought were days whole lifetimes went by it makes what's next easier said than done if i left behind all those remnants of the past all those pieces that you left what would be left of me? an empty husk of something something i'm forgetting forget it. all that matters is you tried so hard to stay there and take my place in the cinder something brings me right back here brings me back to you
Esplame 02:29
this is not without consequence but i swear with all i am it's not who i will be a form is but a form our bodies will not us lovers make for we were long before we had them and will long when these are gone this started before their scriptures so could not be contained therein and when it's finished i know it will be beside you
Lorell 01:36
now as i reach the end of this maze what is lost and what is gained lose all perspective and my thoughts come back to what we are but i miss you. still i miss you i made my way through all this just to remember what i'd hoped to forget can not live won't have to make me love you could not die won't have to make me love you come, let us join hands destroyers come, this is what we are destroyers
Layell 04:56
can someone stop me from sinking fallen now could something else ever happen? i'm falling now was somehow just orchestrated all along made for, but not ever destined to destroy ourselves undying with you that part of me carried with you all of creation could end with you in my arms all of this is dying again when we touch our hands


1. Envave
2. Meridias
3. Plasabac
4. Teselonea
5. Yarneep
6. Scalabe
7. Hauresh
8. Esplame
9. Lorell
10. Layell

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Coma Regalia:

Mark Stanton Pritchard
Shawn Michael Decker

En Sperata

recorded, mixed and mastered
by S. Decker at Yoguwit Studios

art, printing and package design
by S. Decker for Freedom House Press


released November 30, 2012


all rights reserved



Middle-Man Records Indiana

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